Multilingualism: brake or catalyst scientific diffusion in Europe?

Marseille  – Villa Méditerranée - AMU_St Charles  19-21 october 2015


Like the great historical movements in the field of knowledge, as the Republic of Letters that allowed to cross the borders and establish the exchange of knowledge as a motor, language is at the central point of a contradictory tension in the conditions of its transmission. A common language (Latin, French, English) is required to enable that circulate ideas, hypotheses, results, experiments through epistolary exchanges as in the first scholarly journals, while at the same time remains in the field a local language between scholars. Once again, we see concentrations and language conflagrations with hegemonies inducing harmful risks of isolation. Should we need one or several languages of intercommunication for knowledge to be better conveyed? Should we preserve the scientific expression in national languages to preserve two axes of dissemination: International for the farthest possible and national for the closest and deepest possible? What are the means to respect the validity and usefulness of these two axes? What are human limitations? The potentials and the economics brakes, technologicals? What are digital emergences that would promote new ways and new answers? Who says language says multilingualism or translation: is there hopes of progress in the rising multilingualism, in the development of a "globish", in proactive training policies, in linguistic substitute technologies such as automatic translation or other applications? Are we witnessing in digital practice to new digital way of cross-border acquiring and sharing knowledge, new empiricisms that, born of the stress and difficulty, encourage exchanges? Finally, is there experiences and experiments that the world of scientific publishing would benefit to know, analyze, appropriate to increase the visibility of knowledge that are exposed? 


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